The Company

TEAM TUSICK is a digital marketing firm that creates powerful and long-term customer demand for growth-oriented companies. We accomplish our client’s goals through captivating ideas with timely distribution, and continual data-driven adjustments. It’s a simple formula:


Colossal Ideas + Relevant Distribution x Live Data = Explosive ROI


The Players

To maximize your ROI we work in tandem with Work Hard Pittsburgh and the affiliated coworking businesses. This system allows us to create agile solutions that match our client’s exact demands. Our unique position also reduces our monthly overhead and we can pass the cost savings along to our clients. You will be surprised by the quality of our work and at such affordable rates.

david tusick

Our team leader is David Tusick. He is a digital marketing expert with a strong background in content marketing and search strategies. His knowledge and expertise were honed in the heart of Pittsburgh’s advertising world. He worked for several of the region’s prominent advertising agencies and ran a social media focused ad agency during the early stages of his career.

josh lucasJosh Lucas runs one of the PA’s most successful technology and media coworking centers, Work Hard Pittsburgh. He is the unofficial CTO (Chief Talent Organizer) of the Work Hard community and a key player in the success of Team Tusick. His organization constantly pulls in new and more capable talent. Without the Work Hard PGH community, Team Tusick would not be able to produce the amazing work it has become known for.

Building from the ground up

We are headquartered in the up and coming neighborhood of Allentown, Pittsburgh, PA. We could work anywhere, but we wanted to help grow an area in need of new business development. It’s not just our location, but in everything we do. At Team Tusick we examine the broader impact our business choices and work to make conscious improvements to the spaces we share. Our mission is to create a better world while creating amazing work.