In-market targeted email campaign – Crestmont Cadillac

A series of highly targeted emails generated an ROI of 890%

Campaign: Email Buy Back Offers with big data & CRM data

Client: Crestmont Cadillac

Campaign Overview:

Ohio’s #1 Cadillac dealership wanted a low-cost campaign to drive sales through the slower winter months. We were hired to identify opportunities in their digital marketing strategy and improve their overall advertising ROI.

After reviewing their current digital marketing strategy, we determined that the biggest gap was a targeted email campaign. To create our target list, we pulled their CRM history for five years and compared it with a database of the current vehicles owners. This service generated a list of over 3,600 records to target via email. We sent a series of emails offering to purchase their vehicle and provided them with the monthly lease offers. This resulted in an average cost per lead of $32 and an ROI of almost 900%.

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