Local Paid Search on Google Adwords Campaign – Spangler Subaru

Increased digital leads over 30% while reducing the cost per lead by 14.5%.

Campaign: Geo-Targeted Paid Search Only PPC campaign

Client: Spangler Subaru

Campaign Overview:

A small local Subaru dealership needed to show there was demand in their region to increase inventory allotted by OEM. We were hired to manage all components of their internet marketing on a very limited budget.

Their data showed a low impression share and a gap in targeting key geographic regions. To combat this, we increased their Google Adwords budget. At the same time, we reviewed their analytics and regional competitors. This analysis showed us that there were several local community names that we were not targeting and could lead to conversations. We proceeded to add the keywords, increased the budget a second time, and tested the new targeting. In two short months, we managed to increase their leads by 31% while simultaneously reducing the cost per lead.

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