Website Analytics & CRM Data

Google Analytics

We create value and insight from all of the data your Google Analytics account collects. We start by organizing the data and ensuring its accuracy. Then we establish a customized measurement and tracking strategy. Not only will reporting become valuable for your internet marketing, but it is also important information for your whole marketing team.


If you have an E-Commerce website your equation is simple. Unique Visitors * Conversion Rate * Average Conversion Value = Gross Profit. We work with you to incrementally improve each piece of the equation.

Channel Evaluation

There are more ways to market your business than there are available dollars. We use a set of technology to identify which channels are providing the highest ROI. In addition, as the market and data changes we make minor adjustments to continue to maximize your return.

Attribution Modeling

As your customers and potential customers engage with your media, we track and monitor their interactions. This allows us to setup a system that shows which set of digital touch points lead to conversions. Understanding all the digital touch points along the way to a sale is invaluable.

In-Market Identification

To eliminate marketing waste and increase our effectiveness, we identify when your customers have the highest probability to be in-market. Once a customer is identified, we begin a personalized campaign to encourage them to purchase from your business.